How it Works Renters


Why Rent from FOFFit? 
Renting from Friends is So Much Safer and Easier!

FOFFit is a simpler, quicker, and stress free way to rent a home from friends and friends of friends on Facebook.

If you see a FOFFit home listing on Facebook, there are three easy steps.

Read it: 
Get first hand access to friends and friends of friends’ homes that have not been rented before. Click on the posting and log on with Facebook to check out the pictures.  We all know that you want to see what it looks like inside!

Book it: 

If your interest is piqued, then click on “Book Now”.  FOFFit will then verify that you are a friend or friend of friend (first or second degree connection on Facebook).  If you qualify, then you may contact the host and rent that place!



Get excited for your trip and have a little piece of mind that you are renting from a friend AND getting a good deal.  FOFFit will manage all of the professional exchange of money, security fees, and cleaning/security fees to keep things running smooth.


Make Personal Connections

It’s so much more fun to rent from friends and make connections that last forever.  When you rent from people you know, they go the extra step to make your stay that much better.

Get a Deal

Not only do our hosts go the extra mile for people they know, but many times, they want to give their friends a deal.  Many of our listings are 10-20% below market rates.  

What Does it Cost?

FOFFit has the lowest fees in the industry, not that we’re bragging.  We charge a 6% flat service fee on all rentals and a 3% credit card fee.  In addition to your friends giving you a deal, it really doesn’t get any better than this.  


The Booking Process

1. Booking Request

First you must have a friend in common on Facebook for you to be able to rent from the host.   Once you log in and are approved as a friend or friend of friend, you will see a "BOOK NOW" button under the listing.  If you are not a Facebook friend, or friend of friend, then there will not be a BOOK NOW button.  If you are a friend, click on the BOOK NOW button and begin the process with the Host, who must approve your stay. Send your travel dates and information about your trip, who is going, where you are travelling from and any other useful information to the Host.


2. Make booking

When you receive a notification or email that the Host has approved your Booking Request, you can make your booking.  You will need to go online to your dashboard and click on PAY to pay the host.


3. Pay your Host

Once the booking is made you will be sent the details of your booking. After booking it’s advisable to contact your Host straight away.  You may pay your host with a credit card through the Stripe payment system which accepts all major credit cards. .  The PAY Button is located on your dashboard, under trips.



What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment system that simplifies credit card transactions. You may still use your credit card of choice.

Cancellation Policy acts as a facilitator to allow Members to offer accommodation to other Members and does not take any responsibility for cancellations. The Service fee is non-refundable when outside of the cancellation time frame.  The Cancellation Policy is between the Host and the Renter and is set out in the Cancellation Policy of each booking. Please refer to ‘Cancellation Policy’ in our Terms and Conditions.

For more information about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy please visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Pages.


Guest Cancellations

In most cases, guests can cancel up to 30 days before arrival for a full refund. For cancellations within 30 days prior to arrival, please note the  cancellation policy that was set by the host at the time of rental (strict, moderate, flexible and crazy flexible.) Should you need to cancel, the cancellation button is managed by the guest on their “dashboard”.


Host Cancellations

Under unique circumstances, a host may have to cancel.  If that happens, the host should contact the renter first as the renter will need to cancel from his/her dashboard.  You may always reach 

[email protected] for help. We strongly urge guests to consider travel insurance to help in the case of extenuating circumstances.  The following travel insurance companies may be of interest to you.

I Am Unable To Rent From My Friend

If you received an error message, saying you are not a friend of the host, but you are, please try the following.

  • Please make sure that your privacy settings on Facebook are set to Public or Friends. 
  • If you have JUST friended the host on Facebook, please make sure to go to FOFFit .co and log in again.  If you have any problems, please contact [email protected].



FOFFit is a simpler way to rent your home 
to friends, not strangers.


Why Become a Host? Because FOFFit Takes the Random Out of Renting  



Worried about “Renting Roulette?” Or maybe you just don’t want random people in your home? By renting your home to your network of friend and friends of friends (FOFFs) on Facebook, you never have to worry about complete strangers in your home. FOFFits built in security feature ensures that you will ONLY be contacted by people who are your first and second degree connections on Facebook…friends and friends of friends. 


It’s Incredibly Simple.

Listing your home with FOFFit and sharing it with friends, only takes minutes.  We have 3 simple steps.


List it: 
 We have simplified the process of listing your home to 3 minutes


Post it:
Click the share button to share with your Facebook network 



Sit back and relax knowing that you will only be contacted by friends of friends.


Use FOFFit to supplement your Vacations!  Take off and relax knowing that FOFFit is professionally managing security deposits, cleaning fees, cancellation policies and of course…the exchange of money. No awkward conversations, FOFFit handles it all…and for less.  There are no fees to be a FOFFit host.  However, FOFFit charges a 6% service fee plus 3% credit card fee to the renter, the lowest in the industry! 





What Should I Charge to Rent My Home?

 You can always check other rental sites to see that the market rates are in your city or town. But at FOFFit, we recommend you give your friends a benny…..a benny that is probably about 10-20% below market rates. Remember, they are people you know…and friends helping friends is how we roll.


What Does FOFFit Charge?

FOFFit does not take a commission from our hosts, it’s totally FREE of charge to host.  However, we do have to make ends meet.  So we charge the renter a 6% service fee to handle the professional exchange of money and services along with the credit card’s 3% transaction fee. 

FYI, not that we’re counting pennies, but this is significantly lower than all major online vacation rental companies, or so we heard.  


But I already have an AirBnB or VRBO account that I use?

That’s cool!  We all have our back ups.  FOFFit easily complements your existing vacation rental service. If you rent with AirBnB AND FOFFit, you just get more choices in renters. But when it comes down to choosing, wouldn't you rather have someone you know rather than a stranger? 


How Will I Be Paid?

You will need to set up your preferred payment details in the Account Section/Payout Preferences of the FOFFit site.  
Guests are charged 3-5 days after the rental is complete.  And the Host will receive payment within 7-10 days after the rental is complete and the rental is determined successful.  

Currently,PayPal is the primary tool we use to submit payments to hosts.  You will need to set up a PayPal account that is verified and connected to your bank account. All payments will be made in USD. 


We hate to see it happen, but sometimes, it just can't be helped.  Good thing that FOFFit offers pretty friendly cancellation policies for hosts to choose from.  These are not strangers you are renting to after all. In most cases, guests can cancel up to 30 days before arrival for a full refund.  Hosts can set up one of 3 cancellation policies on FOFFit, Strict, Moderate and Flexible. 
Policies can be found here:

Note that the cancellation button is managed by the guest/renter on their “dashboard”.  There is no cancellation button on the host’s dashboard.   The guest must initiate the cancellation. 


Host Cancellations
Under unique circumstances, a host may have to cancel.  If that happens, please work with the renter to have them cancel the reservation on their dashboard. There is no cancellation button available on the host dashboard.  If there are problems, you can always contact [email protected] for assistance. 


What do I do if I cannot reach the host when I arrive? 
If you are close to or past check-in time and haven't been able to get ahold of your host, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can attempt to reach them.  If we are unable to contact the host, will reverse the charges on your card for that booking and assist you in finding other accommodations.  


City Regulations and Taxes

As a platform, FOFFit does not provide legal advice.  However, we encourage all hosts to check with their city or town on any taxes or fees that arise with short term rentals.  Hosts are responsible for following all local laws and regulations.


Delete My Listing
In the event, that you would like to delete your property listing completely, please email [email protected]and we will delete your listing from our directory.


Deactivate My Listing

On FOFFit, your listing is always active. Keep in mind, that you/the host are in control of who rents your home. When you are ready to rent, you will need to send a post to Facebook letting your friends know it is available,

If you would like to have your listing deactivated, just send a quick email to [email protected] and we will deactivate it until you are ready again.


How Do I Share My Listing on Facebook?
To share your listing on FB, go to “Manage Listing and Calendar” and click on the name of your property.  This will take you to the property’s listing page.  From there, click on the “SHARE” button and write a quick headline about property. Remember, this is going to Facebook….make your headline short and snappy!  Here are some examples:

*      Beautiful Newburyport family home available for rent in August.  Please Share with Friends!

*      Last minute Stowe Ski House available this weekend! Open to Friends. Please Share!


Please make sure to set your Facebook privacy settings to Public OR Friends.  That way, when you post your home, people will be able to click on a “share” button to share with friends.  


I clicked on a FOFFit listing, but I get an error message that I am not a friend, but I am.

Please make sure that your privacy settings on Facebook are set to Public or Friends and try again.  If you have JUST become a friend on Facebook, please make sure to go to have the host go to FOFFit .co and log in again.  If you still have any problems, please contact [email protected].


Why should I go through FOFFit?  Can't I just post pics of my house on Facebook?  

Yes, you can easily post pics of your house on Facebook and send to just your friends.  But here is what is different about FOFFit.

1. No Random Emails: If you post to Facebook on your own, it can be forwarded all over and ANYONE can reach you and send you emails, filling your inbox with randoms and wasting time.   With FOFFit, the only people that can reach you are your first and second degree friends.  Less emails. less wasted time, no randoms. 

2. When you use FOFFit, we manage the money details, so there is no akward talk of money and negotiating with friends or friends of friends or dealing with cancellations in person.