About Us


Founder Katchen Gerig created FOFFit as a way to fuel her love of adventure travel.  As a lifelong traveler, she has traveled extensively throughout her youth and career and has no desire to stop.

But with a young family of four, the cost of traveling became more and more expensive. After looking into options such as AirBNB and VRBO, she just wasn't comfortable renting out her home to people she didn't know.  And thus, the idea behind FOFFit was born: the ability to rent your home to Friends and Friends of Friends (FOFFs) and communities of people with whom you share different interests, needs and values.

As a former Googler, Katchen understands putting the user experience first.  It is our desire at at FOFFit to offer a more enjoyable travel experience, focused on your travel interests and needs, and enhanced by the connections you make with fellow community members.